Try it, then get it

download Download the 32 bits tryout version or download Download the 64 bits tryout version of the color deconvolution plug-in, and test it.
It is a version with limited features, which works only with 8 bit images smaller than 300×300 pixels. You can also try color deconvolution using the webapp, no download needed!

You can get the full version (32 bits and 64 bits version) licensed to you using the donation button below, supporting the site and plug-in development. The average donation is EUR 10.35, but you are free to choose your amount, just as we are free to accept it or not (see disclaimer).

Read the disclaimer below and get a copy of the Color Deconvolution plug-in, licensed to you.

download If you want the plug-in to be sent to another e-mail address than the one associated with your donation, or have other questions, contact the site at


By requesting you agree to the following statements:
If for whatever reason does not accept your donation, you will not get the plug-in and your donation will be refunded.
This plug-in is available for the Windows platform only, you will not be able to use this plug-in on a Mac.
A plug-in is a program which requires another program to provide an interface to data. As such, this plug-in requires a program capable of supporting it. You'll need to own PhotoShop, Paint Shop Pro, PhotoImpact or another commercial or free Adobe PhotoShop plug-in compatible host. A list of host applications is available.
You use this plug-in at your own risk. Under no circumstance can we be held responsible for any damages or loss of profit on your part.
The full color deconvolution plug-in will be sent to the email address associated with your donation, but this is not an automated process. Because the plug-in author sends a message with the personalized plug-in attached, it can take up to a day.